Week 9 – Draft Table of Contents – Structural Addition to an Existing Building

"Structural Addition to an Existing Building" --
Hung Hom Station Intercity Through Train Concourse

Table of Contents

1 Introduction
   - extension of Hung Hom Station
   - existing structural configuration

2 Types of addition works

2 Factors that need to be considered before construction
   - types of loads
   - transfer of loads
   - structural requirements
   - effects to the existing structure

3 Considerations during construction
   - daily operation of the building
   - tentative planning for use of space

4 Maintenance

5 responses to “Week 9 – Draft Table of Contents – Structural Addition to an Existing Building”

  1. bt301allenpoon says :

    May also discuss about the statutory requirements when a building owner wants to add extension to or alter their structure, e.g., requirements from Buildings Department, Fire Services Department?

    • rachelamm says :

      thanks. i’ll try to research on that.

      but is my TOC too general?
      i’m thinking whether i should shift my focus to study the structural addition to existing foundation// or railway foundation..

  2. bt301allenpoon says :

    May be you can start from the way how the new addition by Foster was added to the existing Hung Hom Station structure and discuss the construction accordingly. What is your reason of taking foundation as your study focus?

  3. rachelamm says :

    coz i think from previous study of hung hom station, the foundation was a critical issue when adding new structure on top of it. also it’s related to the transfer of loads.. i’m not sure…

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