Week 9 – Draft Table of Contents – Curtain Wall Design

‘Curtain Wall Design’

SOGO Department Store, Tsimshatsui –  Entrance with curtain wall design

Draft table of contents :

1. Introduction

– Purpose of curtain wall design in SOGO Department Store

– Case study – Pyramide Paris, I. M. Pei

– Characteristic of Curtain wall Design

2. Systems and Principles  (Stick systems, Unitized system, Rainscreen principle and Dual Airloop System/ Ting wall)

3. Design consideration

– Different type of Loading : Dead load, Wind load, Thermal load, Blast load, Seismic load, Snow load

– Infiltration

– Deflection

– Strength

– Thermal criteria

4. Infills material



-Other special material (e.g. Louver)

5. Maintenance and repair

6. Conclusion

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4 responses to “Week 9 – Draft Table of Contents – Curtain Wall Design”

  1. josiahwesleyyu says :

    Do u really a desperate part for infill maybe you can put that in the installations it would be more appropriate

  2. bt301allenpoon says :

    Jasper, I think your suggested TOC is basically alright to go, one thing I may not be able to verify yet but would like to suggest is that there are seemingly quite a lot of technical descriptions of curtain wall technology from Chapter 2 onward. They should be somehow related back to your subject building in your research essay, but not just to purely describe the technology like a textbook.

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