Cheung Kong Centre – Structure and Design Principle

BT301 – Assignment 2

Structure and Design Principle

Draft table of Contents – Cheung Kong Centre Footbridge


  •  Design Tectonic explore
  •   – Relation to CK Centre
  •   – Material selective

– Design concern and restriction


  • Primary, Secondary, Tertiary structure in different part of bridge
  •     – Whole bridge (including connection to CK Centre)
  •     – Body of bridge
  •     – Introducing general structural/connecting parts
  •     – Connection parts to CK Centre
  • Building method
  • Technology/Special Technique used


  • Structure compare to other public bridges in hk
  •     – Government bridges (Footbridge for crossing road)
  •     – Private developer   (Footbridge between Shopping malls)
  •  Structure/design compare to similar/starchitet designed bridge

One response to “Cheung Kong Centre – Structure and Design Principle”

  1. bt301allenpoon says :

    On Chapter 3, will it be too similar to your groupmate’s proposal, who is working on the types of bridges in HK/worldwide?

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