Ecological Building: Research on the Building Examples

Building: Hong Kong Wetland Park
Topic: Latest Trends and Technologies in Ecological Architecture

Here are some of the building examples that i will use

Lighting system: Headquarters of energy commission of Malaysia


Air movement (ventilation) and temperature controlling system:  Sunway Giza Shopping Arcade, Malaysia

Vertical greening system: 158 Cecil Street (A&A), Singapore

Combinations of system: Showcase of a low-tech ecological building: Suoi Re Multi-functional Community Building, Vietnam

Combination of systems: Showcase of a high-tech ecological building: Centre for sustainable energy technology, Ningbo, China


The case of Six Senses Resort for the example of recycling system has not been uploaded.  I will upload it later.

Please feel free to comment it.  Thanks!


2 responses to “Ecological Building: Research on the Building Examples”

  1. bt301allenpoon says :

    Looks good. Is there also any precedent which is similar to Wetland Park in terms of the way they handle environmental design?

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