HK Wetland Park_Ecological Architecture

Building: Hong Kong Wetland Park
Topic: Latest Trends and Technologies in Ecological Architecture

• Introduction
• Definition of Ecological Building
• Wetland Park as an Low-tech Ecological Building 
     Reduce: Use of energy: natural lighting, natural ventilation  
     Reuse: Reuse storm water 
     Roof greening
• Other examples of ecological building  
     One more low-tech building  
     Examples:  Solar system  Ventilation system  Flushing system  
     1-2 High tech building 
     Structural  Façade & Materials  Integration of systems
• Appraisal on HK Wetland Park (Application of technologies into it)
• Conclusion
• Reference


2 responses to “HK Wetland Park_Ecological Architecture”

  1. bt301allenpoon says :

    Zara, The TOC is basically alright. Let’s talk further when your progress materials are available. Do you have any idea on what other examples or precedents to study yet?

    • zarachan says :

      After researching the case, i have a bit change of the TOC,

      For the example of the ecological building, I want to first split into the latest ecological system because I found some of the case emphasis on one system, like lighting design.

      So, for that part, I am now changed to the following:

      • Other examples of ecological building
      – Lighting system (Headquaters of Energy Commission of Malaysia)
      – Air and Temperature controlling system (Sunway Giza Shopping Arcade, in Malaysia)
      – Waste Recycling system (Six Senses Hideaway Yao Noi Resort, in Thailand)
      – Combination of all the systems
      > one low-tech building (Suoi Re Multi-functional Community House, in Vietnam)
      > one high-tech building (Centre for Sustainable Energy Technology, in China))

      Those in blankets are the examples that i will use

      I will upload more informations about them in another separated post asap


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