Stage 2 – Building Services Design Integration (REVISED)

1 Basic Understanding of Building Services

  • What & why do we need the integration of Building Services?
  • Types of Services in Commercial buildings
  • Roles of different people – architects, contractors, consultants, specialist during the process to achieve the best result.

2 Design Strategies of Building Services (Hung Hom Station)

  •  Concept of Hung Hom Station in relation to eco-friendly design
  • Concerns / constraints
  • Applications: (Plans, Sections & diagrams)
    • Lighting (natural & artificial)
    • HVAC
    • Fire Protection (Staircase/Detectors/Fire-safety doors)
    • Physical Security (CCTV/Access Control)

3 Concept of passive & active building energy – Detailed Study (Hung Hom Station)

  • Lighting
    • Lighting System – passive & active
    • Daylight vs. Electric Light
    • Visual Performance
    • Maintenance
    • Pros & Cons
  • HVAC
    • HVAC system – passive & active
    • Reduction of HVAC with building envelope & lighting strategy
    • Aesthetic Value
    • Maintenance
    • Pros & Cons

4 Conclusion

  • Technological trends that Foster applies in his buildings
  • Adv/disadv/issues/success of Hung Hom Station Building Services

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