Table of content

The design and application of Artificial lighting & natural lighting – Hong Kong Wetland Park
The concept of the design
Low – tech

The site location
Solar chard

The application of the lighting
Functional lighting

The function arrangement & lighting
– Information centre
– Exhibition space
– Entrance

The design feature &lighting
– Opening analysis
– Scale of the opening
– Courtyard & double volume
– Skylight analysis

Compare the natural lighting & artificial lighting
The percentage of the different type of lighting in design

The conclusion
Less artificial lighting
More natural lighting


3 responses to “Table of content”

  1. charonlct says :

    please may you kindly edit the category of this post, thanks~

  2. bt301allenpoon says :

    My comments:
    – Everyone should upload their progress works by last week. Now we have already passed the period of discussion on table of contents only.
    – On your studies, would you also discuss on the relationship between lighting design and the building form, orientation, etc.?
    – I noticed your team emphasized quite a number of time on the term “low-tech”. Is it really how the architect describe the design strategy? Please verify and tell me in detail.

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