Week 9 – Draft Table of Contents – Cladding System and Finishes Detail

Building: Cheung Kong Centre Footbridge, Central

Topic: Cladding System and Finishes Detail


Part 1: General Information of Cladding System

A: Introduction of Cladding System

  1. Type of Cladding
  2. Different Material and Their Common Usage
  3. Detail on Metal Cladding

B: Cladding of Footbridge

  1. Similarity and Difference of Cladding in
    1. Building
    2. Footbridge
  2. How Cladding system Be Applied in Footbridge in term of Structure
  3. Example of Cladding System In Footbridge
  4. Other Finishing of Footbridge Common in Hong Kong

Part 2: Cladding System of Cheung Kong Centre

A: Introduction

  1. Cooperation with Primary and  Secondary Structure
    1. Introduction of the structural system of Cheung Kong Centre
    2. How cladding system be limited under the condition
  2. Constraints

B: Application

  1. Type of Cladding
    1. Aluminum(Column)
    2. Glass(Roof/Staircase)
  1. Joints with The Main Structure
  1. Detail Drawing
    1. Plan(1:50)
    2. Section(1:50)
    3. Detail Section (1:5)

C: Conclusion

  1. Way of Maintenance
  2. Appearance
  3. Advantages
  4. Disadvantages

Please feel free to comment, Thanks.

One response to “Week 9 – Draft Table of Contents – Cladding System and Finishes Detail”

  1. bt301allenpoon says :

    I have no adverse comment basically to your proposed Table of Contents. Please go ahead with the study, and we shall discuss further when there are progress works uploaded.

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