Wetland Park_Green Roof System_Reserch

From Green Studio Handbook, Green Roofs

Types of Green Roof


1.          Intensive


Deeper soil base
No limited plant diversity
Provide park-like accessible open spaces, often including trees, walkways and irrigation system
Require substantial building structure
More expensive
Only feasible on flat roof
Require more cost and design time
Various habitats can be created

Often accessible to human for recreation
More energy-efficient
More protected and durable roof membranes
greater storm water retention capacity
Suitable to 600mm plants
Harder to maintain

2.          Extensive


Shallower soil base
less expensive
easier to maintain
limited plant diversity

Often inaccessible, mainly for visual beauty
Can work at slope up to 35 degrees*
Can be use both in urban and rural
Adoptable to various building types
Adoptable to new and existing construction
Suitable to 50-150mm lightweight plants

*(Slopes above 20 degrees require a baffle system to avoid soil slump)

Use of Green Roof
Provide for rainwater detention or retention
Increase thermal resistance of roof
Reduce urban heat island effect*
Offer animals and human an amenity space
A substitute as additional ballast against roof uplift unless in high or coastal regions


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