Case study : Design Intension of The Louvre Pyramid, by I. M. Pei

Link :

This video to show I. M. Pei how to design the Louvre Pyramid. Their is some points as he mentioned in this video :

Design Intension :

1. minimal the structure

2. stand the test of time

3. closing the distance between the past and the spirit of modern time.

4. center of gravity (the site), which is a good location for a entrance and receptionist

5, compare with the shape of cube, the shape of pyramid not only make the structure more stable and light, but also it can make the building more transparency. More transparency can make the            Louvre Museum.

About architecture :

1. Architecture should true to yourself without any theory.

2. Building will show the signature to other which come from architect.

3. Learn to be limited, and come to be the heart to the problem.

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2 responses to “Case study : Design Intension of The Louvre Pyramid, by I. M. Pei”

  1. charonlct says :

    please may you kindly edit the category of this post, thanks~

  2. bt301allenpoon says :

    A precedent which is worthwhile for study. But also ask yourself before going into too deep: what is the purpose of this study? How can it be tied in back to your essay and also helps strengthening your writing? Please discuss.

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