Importance of Building Services

WHAT and WHY do we need the integration of Building Services?

“Imagine yourself in the most fabulous building in the world. Now take away the lighting, heating and ventilation, the lifts and escalators, acoustics, plumbing, power supply and energy management systems, the security and safety systems…and you are left with a cold, dark, uninhabitable shell.

Everything inside a building which makes it safe and comfortable to be in comes under the title of ‘Building services’. A building must do what it was designed to do – not just provide shelter but also be an environment where people can live, work and achieve.”

The Chartered Institution of Building Services Engineer

Building Services therefore include a variety of elements:

  • energy supply – gas , electricity and renewable sources
  • heating and ventilating
  • water , drainage and plumbing
  • daylighting and artificial lighting
  • escalators and lifts
  • communications, telephones and IT networks
  • security and alarm systems
  • fire detection and protection
  • etc.
These services need to be designed in order to work and be maintained appropriately.
The concourse of the Hung Hom Station focuses on the concept of being spacious, creating a lightness, and being Eco-friendly.  Therefore, the design of the building services tend to work to meet these objectives while delivering comfort and safety for the public.
This study is going to focus mainly on the application of the natural and artificial lighting, mechanical ventilation(pods system), circulation system(escalators/lifts) – all of which creates better service and convenience to the public while promoting low carbon emission.

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