Lighting System – natural lighting & artificial lighting.

The concourse of the  Hung Hom Station is designed with having glazed facade at the north, south and east direction and roof skylights, allowing natural light to enter the building.  Having this daylight reduces the requirement for artificial lighting and minimize energy consumption.

photograph showing the brightly lit interior
Open floor plan with light entering in 3 directions
Roof & Facade openings
Photograph showing the light system at night
2 main types of fixtures for the Hung Hom Station concourse – applied in the roof. (re-enforce the free floor planning)
Fixture type 1 – Recessed Lighting
Fixture Type 2 – Cove Lighting
Fixture Type Advantages Disadvantages
Recessed With the small size, it does not invade the space.Wiring can be hidden in the ceilingIt is daylight responsive = saves electricity. The spread is limitedMay produce some glare effectCan be difficult to access during maintenance in ceiling
Cove Lighting Energy savingReflected light bouncing off the ceiling, creates an evenly light space.Lamps and wiring are concealed = visually pleasing Can be difficult to access during maintenance in ceiling

Visual Performance & Lighting Psychology

The cove lights reflecting through the curved roof re-enforces the spaciousness in the interior. Creates a good ambience with its fading effect.

The recessed and cove lighting also creates visual clarity with its bright, uniform pattern combining with the bright colour of the interior roof/floor space.


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