PODS System

PODS – Brings a set of services in a building together, allowing the rest of the space to open up. Having pods also liberate the roof area. (enforces the lightness of the roof and creates good visual aesthetics)

For the concourse of the Hung Hom Station, there are 2 main pods located at the center. Around these pods are the retail shops.

This system is highlighted in red.

Includes: Lighting, fresh air supply ducts, signage systems and fire-control points

Other examples of pods from Norman Foster’s buildings

Hong Kong International Airport, Chep Lap Kok

Located at regular intervals around the building

Includes: fresh air supply ducts, lighting, fire-control points and information and signage systems. Factory made components clip on to an in-situ steel subframe.

Stansted Airport, England

Located within the ‘trunks’ of each Stansted’s structural ‘trees’.

Includes:  Graphic aids for passenger orientation, fresh air supply ducts, up-lighters, fire alarms, and emergency telephones.

Hong Kong Shanghai Bank (HSBC), Central

Includes:  Lavatories and local air-handling plant.

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