After 7 weeks of study…

I have a sudden flash in my mind that I’ve chosen a topic that is quite boring (or maybe my focus on it was not interesting).. I know deeply in heart that it is good to me to have some knowledge of structural design but still I cannot make myself interested in this topic.  Anyways, there’s no doubt that I do learn a lot during the study process. ahhh.. how struggling..

Until this final stage, I didn’t changed the content of my TOC but I rearranged the sequence of the items according to my line of thought.  In week 12-13, I started to search for statutory requirements of alteration and addition works in Hong Kong.  That’s quite a lot to read.  I was like a candidate sitting for the Professional Assessment of an Registered Architect; reading the regulations, PNAPs, CoP, etc.

After that, I researched on building loads. I recalled my knowledge that I’ve learned before and started to construct the content of the essay.  I’m still working on it.

Finally, add oil everybody and don’t give up! xD

What's your thought?

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