General information of Curtain wall system

This is the General information of Curtain wall system. I just try to focus on glass curtain wall coz SOGO is glass curtain. Also, I take out some information coz curtain is involve too much stuff…..

draft table of contents 2-13


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3 responses to “General information of Curtain wall system”

  1. zarachan says :

    i feel that is so detail and well organized, but seems that it is not clear in a sense that what is the major theme of yr analysis?

  2. wendyylam says :

    Ya i agree that it’s really detail but i think u can relate back to your own building more….e.g. when u are mentioning sth similar/same with your building’s curtain system, u can add in your building. No need to be very detailed explanation but just mention about it that it’s the method your building has used.

  3. jasperausiu says :

    To Zara and Wendy : U r right. However, I have been take out a lot of information about curtain wall system (I found tat it is a very big topic). Later i will add some case study which is relat to SOGO (Compare with Taikoo Place. The glass wall in SOGO is too ugly. And there is not enough space to show the ‘viscual power’ of glass. I will upload some photo later ^^

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