Template of The Report

Please check and download from below the template for producing the report.

Just feel free to leave comments here and let me know if there is any problem.

Thank you very much.

Download Ai (.ai) Format

Download Ai Template (.ait) Format

Download Ps (.psd) Format


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32 responses to “Template of The Report”

  1. rachelamm says :

    that’s nice. thank you so much!

  2. stephmendoza says :

    great! thanks a lot Charon! hope you feel better soon!

  3. chrischleee says :

    thanks so much charon

  4. wendyylam says :

    Hey, our topic is too long…not enough space to write “:Hung Hom Station Intercity Through Train Station Concourse”
    Should i divide into 3 lines or make the words smaller?

  5. zarachan says :

    thx a lot, is it confirmed?

  6. sandytang2011 says :

    thank you so much, Lung.

  7. stephmendoza says :

    Hey Wendy, Im making it 3 lines…
    Charon, do we just import this files to WORD document?

  8. stephmendoza says :

    im not quite sure how to make it into WORD document.. and the right allignment and stuff.

  9. wendyylam says :

    ok~ i hv tried different arrangements and i think this is the best one >>>>

    Hung Hom Station
    Intercity Through Train
    Station Concourse

  10. stephmendoza says :

    ohhh… then can u teach me how to put all the files together in one pdf?.. like for example i have 10 psd, how to make into one pdf?

  11. devinslate says :

    2 days left without finished it 100% and now I gotta struggle with report format…

    • charonlct says :

      sorry for posting this abit late, but as requested by allen, thus i hv tried my best to make the simlpest rule for the format
      consider the schedule, u may finish the report first then we can do the formatting thing later as i think more or less the “standard” report is for Curtin’s inspecting

      • stephmendoza says :

        okay thanks

      • devinslate says :

        Dont think normal Uni staff will use AI/PSD to read. And all these layout can be done by MS WORD that most people use for report.

        Anyways, have sent Allen email and let s see how he replies.

      • chrischleee says :

        actually i want a ms word format too

        although the report would be a pdf…

      • charonlct says :

        y the staff need to use Ai/Ps to read…? we needa handin softcopy in PDF and printout for hardcopy…

        i originally want to make the foramt in Word also, but 1. i reli duno how to make different header n footer in diff pages as requested by allen, 2. as for editing convenience, unless using text box for the whole document, otherwise the format would easily be changed while editing, 3. the line spacing in word seems not easy to edit for a better layout

  12. stephmendoza says :

    Hi Wendy,
    I did
    Hung Hom Station
    Intercity Through Train Station
    Concourse,Hung Hom

    do u think its ok?…

  13. devinslate says :


  14. charonlct says :

    Here comes Allen’s reply:

    Dear Lung,

    I have no adverse comment for the template, provided your fellow classmates are also okay with the AI format. I assume your class already has arrangement on letting everyone to obtain the file.


  15. wendyylam says :

    ok~ thx a lot~

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