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Hong Kong Wetland Park – Design and Application of Natural / Artifical Lighting



further study of solar chart

using the solar chart as the basis information to analyzing the hong kong wetland park Read More…

Top Lighting


Toplighting strategies provide daylight through rooftop apertures. These strategies can provide uniform daylight distribution to the entire top floor area if the entire top floor uses rooftop apertures distributed across the roof area. Large single level floor areas and the top floor of multi-story buildings can benefit from toplighting.

Sawtooth roofs
Sawtooth roofs employ a series of either vertical or sloped glasses, which are separated by sloped roof elements. Sawtooth roof can be used to uniformly illuminate a large floor area while minimizing impacts on building’s overall height. The orientation of the glazing can be selected so as to maximize daylight level while reducing direct solar radiation and heat gain.


Top lighting of the hong kong wetland park


the solar chart of the location

Table of content

The design and application of Artificial lighting & natural lighting – Hong Kong Wetland Park
The concept of the design
Low – tech

The site location
Solar chard

The application of the lighting
Functional lighting

The function arrangement & lighting
– Information centre
– Exhibition space
– Entrance

The design feature &lighting
– Opening analysis
– Scale of the opening
– Courtyard & double volume
– Skylight analysis

Compare the natural lighting & artificial lighting
The percentage of the different type of lighting in design

The conclusion
Less artificial lighting
More natural lighting

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