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Cheung Kong Center – Structure and Design Principle

BT301 Assignment 2 – WONG Chak Pui



Cheung Kong Center – Structure and Design Principle

I am working on studying the design of CK Center footbridge, The bridge is generate from the CK Center and to complete the circulation, and it may have certain feng shui principle as CK Center itself. I am finding  another bridge complete by Cesar Pelli to find out if there is any common technique normally use by him.

Example – Foot bridge between Petrona Towers by Cesar Pelli

By similar elements/ layout

By material use.

Beside I also try make comparison with other footbridge.

By similar material – steel

By similar condition:

– long span

– vehicle transportation beside

Example – Japan Bridge






Cheung Kong Center – Structure and Design Principle

Here is some research of the CK Center design principle, by this we can also understand the design of the bridge as a extend of the main building with the same language. And we may also know the reason of material choosing by the architect.

Here is a PDF file attached, please click the follow image to open.

Cheung Kong Centre – Structure and Design Principle

BT301 – Assignment 2

Structure and Design Principle

Draft table of Contents – Cheung Kong Centre Footbridge


  •  Design Tectonic explore
  •   – Relation to CK Centre
  •   – Material selective

– Design concern and restriction


  • Primary, Secondary, Tertiary structure in different part of bridge
  •     – Whole bridge (including connection to CK Centre)
  •     – Body of bridge
  •     – Introducing general structural/connecting parts
  •     – Connection parts to CK Centre
  • Building method
  • Technology/Special Technique used


  • Structure compare to other public bridges in hk
  •     – Government bridges (Footbridge for crossing road)
  •     – Private developer   (Footbridge between Shopping malls)
  •  Structure/design compare to similar/starchitet designed bridge
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