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Some photo about curtain wall (Glass wall / Glass wall with spiders and truss systems)

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Those photo is taken in Taikoo Place. You can see the space quality with Glass structure wall and Glass wall with spiders and truss systems.


General information of Curtain wall system

This is the General information of Curtain wall system. I just try to focus on glass curtain wall coz SOGO is glass curtain. Also, I take out some information coz curtain is involve too much stuff…..

draft table of contents 2-13

Case study : Design Intension of The Louvre Pyramid, by I. M. Pei

Link :

This video to show I. M. Pei how to design the Louvre Pyramid. Their is some points as he mentioned in this video :

Design Intension :

1. minimal the structure

2. stand the test of time

3. closing the distance between the past and the spirit of modern time.

4. center of gravity (the site), which is a good location for a entrance and receptionist

5, compare with the shape of cube, the shape of pyramid not only make the structure more stable and light, but also it can make the building more transparency. More transparency can make the            Louvre Museum.

About architecture :

1. Architecture should true to yourself without any theory.

2. Building will show the signature to other which come from architect.

3. Learn to be limited, and come to be the heart to the problem.

Week 9 – Draft Table of Contents – Curtain Wall Design

‘Curtain Wall Design’

SOGO Department Store, Tsimshatsui –  Entrance with curtain wall design

Draft table of contents :

1. Introduction

– Purpose of curtain wall design in SOGO Department Store

– Case study – Pyramide Paris, I. M. Pei

– Characteristic of Curtain wall Design

2. Systems and Principles  (Stick systems, Unitized system, Rainscreen principle and Dual Airloop System/ Ting wall)

3. Design consideration

– Different type of Loading : Dead load, Wind load, Thermal load, Blast load, Seismic load, Snow load

– Infiltration

– Deflection

– Strength

– Thermal criteria

4. Infills material



-Other special material (e.g. Louver)

5. Maintenance and repair

6. Conclusion

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