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BT301 Thematic Assigment Roof Construction and Detail

Roof Construction and Detail01


Types of Metal Roof System

Types of Metal Roofing Systems

There are tons of types in metal roofing. By exploring what we learnt in Kalzip session in Building Technology. Taking kalzip’s products as examples of different metal roofing systems

Liner Roof System

The standing seam sheet and trapezoidal liner sheet profiled in parallel and across the roof purlins act as the primary support. It can be known as a purlin roof construction.

Structural Cassette Roof System

This type of roof system is to provide sound absorption performance. The acoustic conditions can be improved by optimize reverberation times. It eliminated the need for purlins and separated ceiling.

Structural Deck Roof System

An economical solution for long span roofing system and the elimination of purlins help to reduce the materials weight and shorten the construction time.

Metal Deck Roof System in Hung Hom Station

Compared to the Structural Deck Roof System (Kalzip’s products), the metal roof system used in Hung Hom Station is similar to it. However, the use of standing seam sheet is replaced by water proofing member, and so the clips are eliminated as well. Thus, the weight of construction materials is reduced that makes the installation faster and maintain its structural purpose at the same time. Another benefit is the cost can be lower during construction by using water proofing membrane instead of standing seam sheet, but the drawback is a frequent maintenance is needed.

Roof Construction and Details_Draft Table of Content

1. Introduction

1.1 Design Intentions in Hung Hom Station

–         Lightness

–         Natural Lighting

–         Simplicity of the appearance

1.2 Constraints

–         Fully Operational during the Construction

–         Installation

2. Metal Roof

Pros and Cons

Light weight canopy admitting daylight in Foster’s buildings

Different intentions form different roof shapes and metal types

2.1 Waveform Roof (Hung Hom Station)

2.2 Glazed Canopy (British Museum)

3. Skylight

Quality of Natural Lighting

3.1Direct Light (Hung Hom Station)

3.2Diffused Light (Beijing Capital International Airport Terminal (3)

4.  Storm Water Drainage

4.1Drainage System

Pros and cons of traditional and siphonic roof drainage system

4.2Inlets, Outlets and Pipes

5. Construction

Modular materials

Easy attachments

6. Other alternatives on roof system in Hung Hom Station

Green roof with solar panel


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