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Tai Koo Plaza – Oxford House_Indoor Footbridge

Here are some images of an indoor footbridge located in Tai Koo Plaza Oxford House(indoor)

which I would like to compare with the Cheung Kong Centre Footbridge(outdoor)

in order to understand what are the differences in fitting the building services between an indoor and outdoor footbridge.


Here are my observations from my first visit.

Overall view from ground

Underneath with metal cladding

The only staircase which collect to the ground level from bridge, unlike Cheung Kong Centre with a few more nodes.

A fire hydrant installed in the staircase, for fire fighting

Some drainage installed on each landing

View from staircase

View from inside, the only fire escape

An overall view of the interior

This is a highly transparent bridge with trusses and bracing system, but for the installation of sprinklers, a false ceiling is needed. For better appearance the ceiling is centralized, in order to keep the transparency  of bridge.

Fire shutter can be found on one side of the bridge to prevent spread of fire

Fire shutter control panel

Fire Reels are installed on both ends

Smoke detectors are installed on both ends as well

Fire escape on the other end but not directly from bridge 

Air-conditioning and lighting are all installed on both sides of floor, which can reduce the construction on ceiling. Power supply is installed in the slab.

Water drainage on the edge of bridge with perforated metal covering on top

A backup fire fighting system at the outside

With water , sprinkler and drencher inlet.

The plant probably is not only for the bridge but the whole building.



Building Services Integration

1.Study of Cheung Kong footbridge building services

2.Study of an enclosed footbridge in Hong Kong

3.Differences between open bridge and enclosed bridge

  • Fire Services
  • Sprinkler
  • Smoke Detector
  • Fire Shutter
  • Water Curtain
  • Drainage System
  • Electricity
  • Air-condition

4.Building Services Integration with buildings

  • Case Study of an oversea footbridge
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