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Assignment 2 – Hong Kong Wetland Park – Latest Trends and Technologies in Ecological Architecture

BT301_Chan Ying Lam


Study on BEAM

As BEAM (Building Environmental Assessment Method) is the assessment organization for the environmental concerning building, a have a brief understanding about it and i have sum up with the following:

BEAM aims at:

  • Stimulate demand for more sustainable buildings in Hong Kong
  • Provide a common set of performance standards
  • Reduce the environmental impacts of buildings throughout the planning, design, construction, management and demolition life cycle

Aspect of assessments:

  • Site
  • Material
  • Energy usage
  • Water usage
  • Indoor environment quality
  • Innovation and addition


  • Site Aspects (SA)  25%
  • Materials Aspects (MA)  8%
  • Energy Use (EU)  35%
  • Water Use (WU)   12%
  • Indoor Environmental Quality (IEQ)   20%

Discribtion of each categories:

Generally speaking site issues, as listed in BEAM, will not varysignificantly with the type of building. However, the scale and location of the building will determine the extent to which environmental aspectsassociated with the site are significant and can be addressed in theassessment. Site Aspects include:
• location and design of the building;
• emissions from the site; and
• site management.
Similar to site issues, materials use issues included in BEAM will besimilar for all types of buildings, although the size of the building will havesignificance. Materials Aspects include:
• selection of materials;
• efficient use of materials; and
• waste disposal and recycling.
Assessment of energy use in a building containing a variety of uses,energy sources and building services systems and equipment is asomewhat complex process given the number of influencing variables.BEAM Plus for New Buildingsadopts a computational approach to determining the dominant energy uses, plus additional features known tohave impact on overall performance. Energy Use includes:
• annual CO2 emissions or energy use;
• energy efficient systems and equipment; and
• energy management;
Assessments under Water Use includes quality and features thatimprove utilisation and reduce effluent, i.e.:
• water quality;
• water conservation and
• effluent discharges.
Indoor issues included in BEAM are those aspects of buildingperformance that impact on the health, comfort or well-being of the occupants, as well as aspects of performance that improve quality and functionality. Not included are the technical performance aspects ofspecialist premises, such as acoustic qualities of concert venues, stagelighting, or air quality in clean rooms. Indoor Environmental Quality (IEQ) includes:
• safety;
• hygiene;
• indoor air quality and ventilation;
• thermal comfort;
• lighting;
• acoustics and noise; and
• building amenities.

Source:  BEAM Plus New Building Version 1.1

Ecological Building: Research on the Building Examples

Building: Hong Kong Wetland Park
Topic: Latest Trends and Technologies in Ecological Architecture

Here are some of the building examples that i will use

Lighting system: Headquarters of energy commission of Malaysia


Air movement (ventilation) and temperature controlling system:  Sunway Giza Shopping Arcade, Malaysia

Vertical greening system: 158 Cecil Street (A&A), Singapore

Combinations of system: Showcase of a low-tech ecological building: Suoi Re Multi-functional Community Building, Vietnam

Combination of systems: Showcase of a high-tech ecological building: Centre for sustainable energy technology, Ningbo, China


The case of Six Senses Resort for the example of recycling system has not been uploaded.  I will upload it later.

Please feel free to comment it.  Thanks!

HK Wetland Park_Ecological Architecture

Building: Hong Kong Wetland Park
Topic: Latest Trends and Technologies in Ecological Architecture

• Introduction
• Definition of Ecological Building
• Wetland Park as an Low-tech Ecological Building 
     Reduce: Use of energy: natural lighting, natural ventilation  
     Reuse: Reuse storm water 
     Roof greening
• Other examples of ecological building  
     One more low-tech building  
     Examples:  Solar system  Ventilation system  Flushing system  
     1-2 High tech building 
     Structural  Façade & Materials  Integration of systems
• Appraisal on HK Wetland Park (Application of technologies into it)
• Conclusion
• Reference

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