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Karl Chung’s Final Report on Steel Truss System

Report_Steel Truss System_Karl Chung Pui Mau


SOGO Indoor Environmental Control

Josiah Wesley Yu BT301 final

Some photo about curtain wall (Glass wall / Glass wall with spiders and truss systems)

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Those photo is taken in Taikoo Place. You can see the space quality with Glass structure wall and Glass wall with spiders and truss systems.

General information of Curtain wall system

This is the General information of Curtain wall system. I just try to focus on glass curtain wall coz SOGO is glass curtain. Also, I take out some information coz curtain is involve too much stuff…..

draft table of contents 2-13

Indoor environmental control HK BEAM SOGO TST



1 to 3 credits for a reduction in the maximum electricity demand by 15%,23% and 30% respectively.

Encourage energy conservation and methods to reduce peak electricity demand
-Escalators reduce speed when not in use or on standby
-LED lighting systems


Encourage the design of structural elements and choice of materials thatresults in lower embodied energy.

-building foundations, building core, walls,


Ensure adequate ventilation in common areas and circulation routeswithin premises and to avoid cross-contamination between areas.

the ventilation system to be capableof providing sufficient fresh air taking into account the anticipated population

intake and exhaust points be properly designed to preventcontamination of fresh air supply and avoid short-circuiting

the ventilation system and its associated ductwork, where provided, should be conveniently accessible for maintenance.



Ensure that the air-conditioning system can provide the stated design conditions in occupied spaces under changing load conditions.
The HVAC system should be possible to maintain room conditions


Encourage a holistic examination of site layout, building design, andfenestration design, such as to maximiseaccess to daylight for the purposes of improved health and comfort

window and room geometry and room surface finishes
sky obstruction due to the form of the building and its overshadowing from neighbouring buildings
glazing transmittance


Embrace both ‘quantity’ and ‘quality’ of the lighting system performance including: maintained horizontal, and whereappropriate vertical, illuminance, illuminance variation, limiting glareindex, colour rendering, and modulation of light output appropriate to thetype and use of the premises/indoor spaces

Brief information about Truss System used in TST SOGO

Space Frame System

Space frame System is a lightweight rigid structure formed from interlocking of struts in a geometric pattern. Applying the concept of truss system in 3-Dimensional extend, so that the space frame is highly strengthened by the inherent rigidity of the triangle.

Flexing loads (bending moments) are transmitted as tension and compression loads along the length of each strut.

Loads Transfer

–      Systems w/ Symmetry about Two or Three Axes are Structurally Efficient

–      Column Supported Space Frame Behaves like a Concrete Flat Plate

–      Parallel Wall Supported Space Frame behaves like a Concrete One Way Slab

–      Peripheral Wall Supported Space Frame behaves like a Concrete Two Way Slab

Span to Depth Ratio

Horizontal Double Layer, Edge Supported

–  One Way,                   12:1

–   Two Way,                  15:1

–   Three Way,              20:1

–   Cantilever Spans,    9:1

Horizontal Double Layer, Corner Supported

–                                         15:1

Erection Methods

Scaffold Methods

–      Individual Elements are assembled in Place at Actual Elevations

Block Assembly Methods

–      Components are Pre- assembled on the Ground and Crane or Hoist Erected

Lift-Up Methods

–      Large Sections are Pre – Assembled on the Ground and Erected w/ Heavy Equipment e.g. Hydraulic Jacks

Types of Joint

–      Connector Plates

–      Hollow Balls

–      Solid Balls

–      Extruded Hubs

–      Welded Multi–Planar Gusset Plates

–      Multi- hinge

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