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BT301 Assignment: Fabric Structure, Material and its Application

Fabric Structure, Materials and its Application – 14491203


Tensile Fabric Structure

this is so far what i have done, photos and diagrams are not added yet

fabric structure  pdf file  and this is one of the ref blog I find useful when doing research, take a look if you have time~

Sunny Bay MTR Station _ Natural Ventilation

Click me!  Sunny Bay MTR Station _ Natural Ventilation_part 1 Sunny Bay MTR Station _ Natural Ventilation Dinis Chung

Draft Table of Content( Sunny Bay Station — Tensile Fabric Roofing, PTEE Material and its Application

1.0 — Abstract
2.0 — Introduction of tensile fabric structure
3.0 — Development and history of tensile fabric structure
  3.1 — Orgin and Recent Use
  3.2 — Category
  3.3 — Characteristics
4.0 — Application of Use
5.0 — Introduction of Fabric Materials
  5.1 — Composition of material
  5.2 — Catergory
  5.3 — Application of Use
  5.4 — Characteristics
  5.5 — Choice of fabric material (Comparasion between PVC and PTFE)
6.0 — Fixing of skins(membrane) and bones(structure)
  6.1 — Skin to skin
  6.2 — Skin to bone
7.0 — Analysis of force in the structural system
8.0 — Case study of similar structure to Sunny Bay Station
9.0 — Summary (Relate back to Sunny Bay Station)
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